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A self-professed enthusiast for life, Jess has been in the real estate industry since finishing school - starting with an admin role and building her career from there.  

Her joie de vivre comes from her love for her family—three sons and a husband— and in contrast to Grace, Jess is a self-confessed caffeine addict mainly due to the need to keep up with her boys and their endless energy! She has an abounding appreciation for the little things in life; from coffee with friends to school drop-off and watching her boys play their chosen sports. Throw into the mix a profession that truly ignites her love for all-things people and all-things property, and you’ve got yourself a vivacious Jess that’s always ready for the next challenge… (but first, coffee).  

A sensitive, introverted soul at heart with a nurturing side that is showcased through her natural aptitude for rapport and relationship building, Jess takes her clients’ triumphs and setbacks straight to heart—and she absolutely will not apologise for it.  Inspired by the concept of doing things that fit better with her family, Someday is about harnessing personal strengths and letting them shine—even if (and let’s face it, especially if) that means breaking the existing mould.

For Jess, Someday means creative freedom, the chance to focus on her own dreams and the ability to work on projects that truly align with the Someday way. Here we go!