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Abbey O’Halloran-Kemp joins Grace to bring yet more Kiwi energy to the Someday team. A proud Aucklander, Abbey is a self-confessed extroverted introvert who’s been working in real estate since 2021. During her time in the space, she’s developed a talent for tuning in and adapting to the trends of a dynamic and challenging market, as well as a penchant for facilitating ideal matches between tenants and property owners.

It wasn’t always property for Abbey though. Having initially embarked on a career in administration straight out of school, she focused on dialling in her ability to learn at lightning speed (described as her unique superpower). The next challenge was a hairdresser apprenticeship upon relocating to Canberra in 2016 where Abbey grew her confidence in interacting with people and found her passion for fostering meaningful relationships.

Transitioning back to her administrative roots in 2021, Abbey found her calling in the property sector, where she’s quickly developed a name for herself through her exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

Highly empathetic, Abbey is a dedicated mental health advocate who recognises that each day is a privilege, rather than a promise. She’s got a scrupulous and somewhat obsessive love for crafting to-do lists, and those organisation skills come in handy when it comes to scheduling her (extensive) array of hobbies too, including:

Meticulously caring for her indoor plant sanctuary, smothering her two affectionate fur babies, Leo and Jake as well as her scaly companion Morty, an array of sports, astrology, op-shopping and upcycling clothes, fashion, gardening, sewing, macrame, reading, learning, puzzles and trivia, to name but a few.