Where to spend and where to save when redecorating

If you’re in the midst of redecorating, you’ll know there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. The scope of budgeting options for redecorating is seriously diverse; and so unless your budget is absolutely mega, you’re going to need to make some decisions where to splurge and where to save.

We’ve come up with three areas for each; where to save, and where to spend when you’re redecorating your home.

Where to Spend 

1. Kitchen cabinetry and countertops  

Keep things looking slick for years to come with hard-wearing, good quality kitchen cabinets and countertops. Regardless of what style you choose—whether you opt for a traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, coastal or industrial style kitchen — good quality cabinetry and countertops will stand the test of time and stop things looking rough around the edges before too long!

2. Good quality bathroom fixtures

Fixtures like toilets and sinks are worth spending decent dollar on in our book. Unlike other areas of the home, the bathroom tends to remain relatively trend-neutral,so it’s worth purchasing well-made fixtures that will withstand daily wear and tear.

3. Custom-selected curtains and blinds

Instantly bring an air of sophistication to any space with well-made, custom-fitting curtains or blinds. Nothing says “I’ve hurried my redecoration” quite like ill-fitting draperies, which really have the power to pull a space together—so we’d thoroughly recommend splurging on some tailoring in this department.

Where to Save

1. Soft furnishings

Cushions,throws and even towels and bed linens are a great way to enliven a space, and an even better area to save your funds. Retailers often do massive discount sales periodically to get rid of stock, so keep your eyes peeled throughout seasonal sales and nab a soft furnishings bargain! 

2. Kitchen splashback and tiling

If you’re splurging on kitchen cabinetry and bathroom fixtures, saving on splashbacks and tiles is a savvy choice. Opting for a classic porcelain subway tile with a well-chosen grout colour will bring these areas to life, on a budget!

3. Lamps and lighting accessories

Lamps are a great styling source in a room; but they don’t need to be expensive!Opting for natural woods, neutral shades and classic shapes in floor and table lamps will ensure they work with the existing decor seamlessly.