Unlock the Benefits of Open Plan Living

Open plan living is an increasingly popular choice, offering a spacious and inviting environment that promotes connection and flexibility within the home.

If you're longing to achieve a seamless and versatile space in your home, follow these Someday-approved tips to embrace the concept of open plan living.

1. Knock Down Walls, Open Up Possibilities

The first step towards open plan living is to break down physical barriers. Consider removing non-load-bearing walls that separate different areas of your home. By creating an open and fluid layout, you'll allow natural light to flow throughout the space, creating an airy and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Designate Zones with Furniture and Lighting

While open plan living eliminates walls, it's essential to define distinct zones within the space. Use furniture placement to create separate areas for living, dining, and cooking. For example, a large area rug can anchor the living room, while a dining table serves as a centre piece for the dining area. Utilise pendant lights or floor lamps to visually distinguish each zone while providing plenty of ambient lighting.

3. Embrace Cohesive Colour Palettes

To maintain visual harmony in an open plan living area, choose a colour palette that ties the space together. Opt for neutral tones or complementary colours that flow seamlessly from one zone to another—this approach creates a sense of continuity and makes the space feel cohesive and unified.

4. Create Functional Transitions

While open plan living encourages a seamless flow between areas, you’ve gotta create functional transitions with strategic furniture placement, rugs, or room dividers to subtly delineate different spaces. For example, a bookshelf or a low console table can act as a boundary between the living and dining areas without obstructing the overall openness of the space.

5. Maximise Storage Solutions

Open plan living thrives on minimalism and organisation, so invest in smart storage solutions to keep clutter at bay and maintain a clean aesthetic. Consider built-in shelving, hidden storage compartments, or multifunctional furniture pieces that also serve as storage units. By having a designated place for everything (which we appreciate is easier said than done—but we’re shooting for the stars here!), you can enjoy a clutter-free environment that feels cosy and open all at once.