Get ready for Summer: how to prepare your home for the changing seasons

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your space set for the changing seasons. Although dreaded La Niña might have other ideas,we’re crossing all our fingers for a summer filled with sunshine, bright blue skies and plenty of time spent outdoors.

Here’s how to prepare your home for just that.

Update or deep clean your outdoor furniture

Summer is the most obvious season to utilise any outdoor space you have. Whether it’s a courtyard, a balcony or a full-blown garden,making sure the space is clean, usable and (to quote Marie Kondo) sparking a whole lotta joy—is key to maximising it.

Give your existing furniture a deep clean to ensure it’s an inviting place to sit, or splash out on some new pieces to create an area that draws you outdoors.

Add outdoor lighting

 So it turns out that you’re way more likely to use a space in your home if you can see properly—who knew? Adding some outdoor lighting whilst preparing your home for summer is a great way of maximising the time you’re able to spend outside, as well as enhancing safety. Winner, winner, well-lit dinner!

Clean cooling devices

Make sure your fans and AC units are in tip-top condition before they’re called upon to keep you comfortable for a hot summer ahead!Clean filters and take fans apart to properly dust them. Also, a hot tip for those with a ceiling fan: change your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise in the summer—which allows it to push cool air downwards. Rotating your fans in this direction also helps draw moisture out of the air, which is good news for when things get humid!  

Change your linens and swap out seasonal items

 Swap your doonas and blankets out for lighter weights to see you through the summer, and while you’re at it, pack away heavy throw blankets from the couch and remove anything particularly ‘wintery’ from your surrounds(lookin’ at you, pumpkin spice candle.)

Decorate with bright colours

Now we’re not saying you have to completely overhaul your decor for summertime, but adding some cooler tones, brighter colours and fresh,zingy, summery scents can bring a real easy breezy vibe. Scatter cushions,light cotton throws and bright graphic prints are easy ways to inject some summer fun into a room, without breaking the bank!