How to showcase your personality through your home decor

If you’ve ever embarked upon an overhaul of your existing home decor, you’ll know it’s a really hard thing to get right. You want the perfect balance between lived-in and minimalist, neutral and colourful, contemporary and timeless and about a hundred other things in-between. You also want your space to represent you,because, well—your home should feel like it’s yours.

To that end, we’ve come up with five ways to showcase your personality through your home decor. Happy decorating!

Get clear on your vision

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! At Someday, we love a Pinterest board—and they’re an amazing (free!) tool that enable you to get really clear on your vision. While we don’t believe you need to stick rigidly to one design type (think: coastal, art deco, vintage to name a few), we do think there should be a sense of cohesion in your home, and Pinterest boards are a great way of visualising how you can subtly tie things together—which will in turn help you to feel that your space matches your personality.

Display your heritage and hobbies

Do you have ancestral heritage that underpins your sense of ‘you’? Are you a hobby photographer who loves to display your work throughout your home? Lean into these quirks—they’re a wonderful way of ensuring your space feels authentically yours. 

Decorate to reflect your current lifestyle

If you’re a parent of three kids,don’t try to make your home look as though you’re a young professional without dependents. Decorating to reflect your current lifestyle is crucial for reflecting your values and your life stage!

Express yourself by adding colour

The use of colour and texture are easy ways to bring excitement, interest, dimension and soul into your home. While the all-neutral tones do look good in interiors magazines, a liberal splash of colour is a fun, vibrant way of making your space feel true to you.

Add personal touches 

A gallery wall of family photos? Spotlighting a beautiful intricate rug that you acquired on your travels in Morocco? These personal touches are what bring your home to life and make it truly feel like yours. Don’t shy away!