How to add value to your home

Whether you’re looking to sell soon or are simply looking to refine your investment for when the time to sell does come, being intentional about adding value to your property is never a bad idea.

There are plenty of ways to refresh your space, but some that we champion more than others when it comes to adding real financial value to your home.

Here are our five best hacks for adding value to your property.

1. Boost curb appeal

It’s no secret that first impressions really count, and for some buyers, an old, peeling paint job on the facade is enough to turn them off before they’ve even crossed the threshold.

Few things brighten up a space quite like a fresh coat of paint—and it’s a relatively inexpensive way of breathing new life into a dull, tired home. If that’s not on the cards, a fresh landscaping job or a new front door are other ways to revitalise the all-important snapshot of your home that potential buyers see first.

2. Refresh flooring

Outdated and damaged or dirty floors are one of the biggest no-no’s for potential buyers, making a flooring refresh a straightforward choice in order to add value to your home.

If you’re not in the market to splurge on new floors, sanding and refinishing old timber floors is a great option to bring them back to life, or a buff and polish might just do the trick.

3. Upgrade your kitchen

Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, and upgrading yours can quickly increase your home's value. This could include installing new countertops, upgrading your appliances, or adding a stylish new backsplash.

4. Give your bathroom a facelift

Bathrooms are another area that can boost the value of your home. Consider upgrading the fixtures, replacing the bathtub or shower, or adding fresh new tiles.

5. Improve energy efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are becoming more popular, and making energy-efficient upgrades to your home can add significant appeal to buyers. Consider upgrading your insulation, solar, or even adding ceiling fans to reduce the need for air conditioning—all of which are great value-adds to your home.